The Platform 


Our AI-powered automation platform is made up of three crucial parts:

The Algorithm 
a powerful and scalable reasoning engine

The Interface
an easy-to-use modelling interface

The Connector 
connecting the UI with the modelling engine, the database and third party systems.

Key features

Our is an AI-powered automated decision tool. It goes beyond other rules engines that can only make simple decisions, and limited ‘black box’ machine learning that can’t explain – ‘why’.

Explainable AI

Our philosophy is to not use “black-box” algorithms that predict a particular output without letting you know why. The algorithms in our platform are based on expert models and business rules that can express uncertainty; so you can state how convinced you are about the rule itself, and how salient individual conditions are. This combination enables you to efficiently create exceptionally nuanced models that can cope with the fact that life is rarely black and white.

It links knowledge

The platform drives smarter decision-making by enabling semantic links between different models. This enables you to ‘join-up’ previously siloed knowledge and deliver a more holistic and strategic system, capable of automating complex decisions.

It is connected

The platform can be quickly connected to external data sources. This means you can reach out and grab the real-time data needed to feed into an automated decision-making process. It’s also simple to connect to any third-party API, enabling your model to seamlessly integrate with other third party systems. 

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