We can help you get our AI solution working for your business. We offer you the choice of working with us or one of our partners in our ecosystem. 




We license the platform under a Service Level Agreement (SLA). 

Our licence subscriptions includes:

  • Cloud hosting
  • Full training of your project team
  • AI-Model Maintenance 
  • A significant allocation of consultancy and development support to ensure your AI project will be a success 

Our Partners


Our ecosystem continues to grow with carefully selected partners capable of providing consultancy and support. 


Youwe is a full service digital agency, from strategy and concept to realization and conversion. Since 2018 Youwe added the Artificial Intelligence proposition to their portfolio. 

With the usage of Genius Software , we are taking the next step in our ambition to realize measurable growth among our customers through intelligent solutions. Being up-to-date is no longer enough these days: In order to be ahead of the competition, companies must actually already be one foot ahead in the future. That is precisely where we can help you even more efficiently: We make AI accessible through the Genius platform. We implement the customised models and make them tangible. The underlying technology is therefore not a black box, so the organisation knows which buttons must be pushed to achieve the set goals,” says Rob Wiek, CEO of Youwe.

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Timing is among the top 3 temporary employment agencies and one of the technology partners of the Genius platform. Everything and everyone within Timing is focused on helping clients and flex workers as well and as quickly as possible. They come up with smart solutions for everything that makes arranging temporary work stressful. Timing continuously develop and improve their (personal and digital) services. Sobriety and entrepreneurship are the pillars of their organizational culture. 

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Graydon is one of our Technology Partners and believes that transparency boosts trust between businesses. When companies have a clear picture of the opportunities and risks they face, co-operation thrives, deals are struck and ideas become reality. 

“Our objective is to help business grow with data-driven insights. We are always open to partnerships with other parties to work together on solutions and information that makes business stronger. That is the reason that we have a collaboration with the Genius software, because we both believe in the power of artificial intelligence and data analytics for making better informed decisions. In addition, we also have many customers in the wholesale sector and so we can both share our expertise and strengthen the proposition in that area ”, says director Paul Uijtewaal. 

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