Amsterdam, 24 April 2019 – E-tail Genius and business information specialist Graydon join forces. Both parties have agreed a collaboration whereby E-tail Genius will have access to Graydon’s company information to further optimize its own pricing algorithms.

E-tail Genius, specialized in automated pricing decisions, demand forecasts and assortment optimization, is strongly represented in the wholesale sector. With their algorithms they determine the most optimal prices for the thousands of products that wholesalers have in their range. The algorithms are tailor-made for every wholesaler and are constantly enriched, optimized and kept up-to-date.

Starting at May 1st the pricing model will be enriched with Graydon credit data. Via this collaboration, E-Tail Genius is also able take into account the financial position of the customers of the wholesalers. As a result, wholesalers can use the most optimal price rules fully automatically for each customer, such as for example the most optimal price or the most optimal discount.

Arian Oosthoek, co-founder of E-tail Genius: “An optimal price can depend on many factors such as the price elasticity of the product, seasonal sensitivities, the classification of customer groups and creditworthiness. Many wholesalers already take the creditworthiness of their customers into account when setting prices, but because this is often manual work, it takes a lot of time. By taking into account all these factors and training them with both internal and external data, this process can be fully automated. In this way, price decisions can be made much faster and the gross margin increases per transaction.

“Our objective is to help business grow with data-driven insights. We are always open to partnerships with other parties to work together on solutions and information that make business stronger. That is also the reason that we have entered into a partnership with E-tail Genius because, like us, they believe in the power of artificial intelligence and data analytics for making informed decisions. Moreover, we also have many customers in the wholesale sector, so we can both strengthen our expertise and proposition in that area, “says Paul Uijtewaal, commercial director of Graydon.

About E-tail Genius
E-Tail Genius develops the Genius Platform where companies can integrate Artificial Intelligence technology in the field of calculating optimal prices, demand forecasting (demand prediction) and assortment optimization. The Rotterdam-based company cooperates with various retailers and wholesalers where both internal and external data sources are used to arrive at the best predictions.

About Graydon
For 130 years, Graydon has been helping the business community to gain valuable business information to make informed financial and commercial decisions. By collecting, analyzing and interpreting large amounts of data from various sources, we provide customers with insights into credit information, risk & compliance and marketing information. For this we use more than 130 international databases and the data from more than 90 million companies. Graydon has offices in Amsterdam, Antwerp, London and Cardiff. Since 2016, Graydon has been part of Atradius, one of the largest credit insurers in the world.


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